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Teresa Pedrizco is the founder of END DV Counseling and Consulting. She is passionate about social justice in the areas of ending relationship violence. She teaches youth and the community the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships, and provides support to victims of domestic abuse. Through END DV Counseling and Consulting, Teresa offers high-quality trainings, workshops and facilitates support and educational groups for women and teenagers.

Ms. Pedrizco's personal experience as a domestic violence survivor has provided the groundwork for her development as a social entrepreneur. As a child, she witnessed her father abuse her mother. She promised herself she would never be in an abusive relationship. She later found her teenage boyfriend to be the one to change that. It was not until she was married to him that his abusive behavior became apparent and escalated to life threatening levels of violence. After her physical wounds healed, she sought help through therapy and realized the world would not change unless she committed herself to reaching out to educate others on how to end domestic violence.

She became an activist and in college she helped organize youth educational summits such as Raza Day, encouraging thousands of students from the Bay Area to apply for college. She then collaborated with Asian Women's Home in conducting community outreach. Teresa soon found work as a domestic violence counselor and helped women find resources to create better lives for themselves. She worked as peer counselor and legal advocate for Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence. She also worked for Support Network for Battered Women's and Community Solutions' shelter programs. She has volunteered her time and effort with the V-Day Movement to perform and produce benefit performances of The Vagina Monologues. She was the first to bring the Spanish performances to San Francisco and San Jose while raising thousands of dollars for several domestic violence organizations. She has conducted presentations for California State University Stanislaus, San Jose State University, Escuela Popular Charter Academy, Wu Yee Children's Services and El/La Transgender in San Francisco.

In her current position, Ms. Pedrizco offers consulting to individuals and corporations. She plans to pursue a law degree and continue helping society create new norms for healthy relationships.

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Meet Teresa Pedrizco

Teresa Pedrizco has a wealth of personal and professional knowledge as a domestic violence survivor and advocate. She has worked in the Domestic Violence field for over 10 years for various agencies in Santa Clara County. She has been a part of the Santa Clara County Human Trafficking Coalition and is published in the book "Shout Out: Women of Color Respond to Violence."

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