About Domestic Violence

Domestic violence or domestic abuse can be defined as: A series of assaultive and coercive behaviors on a personal or social level, including physical, sexual, psychological, or digital attacks, used to manipulate and achieve compliance in order to control the partner and make the survivor change their behavior in response to the abuse. Domestic violence occurs in all types of couples, regardless of social, economic, cultural or immigration status. They could be married, living together, or separated. They could be children, teenagers or adults.

Domestic Violence usually occurs in a cycle of four stages. First, the abuser uses words or threats, perhaps humiliation or ridicule. Next, the abuser explodes at some perceived infraction by the other person, and the abuser's rage is manifested in physical violence. Finally, the abuser "cools off," asks for forgiveness, and promises that the violence will never occur again. At that point, the victim often abandons any attempt to leave the situation or to have charges brought against the abuser. Typically, the abuser's rage begins to build again after the reconciliation, and the violent cycle is repeated.

If this sounds familiar, you may be in an abusive relationship. There are various ways in which END DV can help. Through individual counseling, support groups, trainings, workshops and seminars, we provide education on domestic violence issues and how to prevent them. We give you the tools and guide you on the path to make change.

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Meet Teresa Pedrizco

Teresa Pedrizco has a wealth of personal and professional knowledge as a domestic violence survivor and advocate. She has worked in the Domestic Violence field for over 10 years for various agencies in Santa Clara County. She has been a part of the Santa Clara County Human Trafficking Coalition and is published in the book "Shout Out: Women of Color Respond to Violence."

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